Lapin Lumirastit and Finnish Championships in ultra long

In Kuusamo at Ruka area 18.-20.3.2016


Directives and rules

At the competition competitors must abide by SSL’s rules, special directives for ski orienteering FC 2016 and organizer’s advices.

Competition dates and distances

Friday, 18.3.2016 sprint

Saturday, 19.3.2016 middle distance

Sunday, 20.3.2016 ultra long distance (Finnish champs, FC)


Classes are H12-85, D12-85 and H/D21C in all races. In the third race (the Finnish Championship in ultra long distance), the Finnish Championship classes are H16-85 and D16-85. Eligibility to FC contests is consistent with the Finnish orienteering association rules. Others (eg. competitor from overseas that does not represent Finnish team) can participate in these classes as part of national Lapin Lumirastit contest.


Latest on Thursday, 10th of March 2016, at 24:00 by using Finnish Orienteering Federation IRMA service (instructions) or by letter addressed to Kuusamon Erä-Veikot, Vanttajantie 6 B, 93600 Kuusamo, Finland or by email When you do your entry, you must remember to mention participants EmiTag-card numbers. If you do not mention EmiTag-card number, we will rent you the rent card, which you can get from the info at prize 5 euros /day or 10 euros /3 days.

Late registration:

For Lapin Lumirastit late registration is received with 1.5-times the normal entry fee. Late entries will be accepted until Monday, 14.3.2016 at 24:00 by using Finnish Orienteering Federation IRMA service or email For FC competition there is no late registration and no delay entries are considered.

Late registration participation fees should be paid at the same time as entry to the department’s account KEV/Suunnistusjaosto: IBAN: FI67 519407 2010 8591, BIC: OKOYFIHH, reference: RF2120161.

Participation fees

The participation fee of the Finnish Championship (third competition of Lapin Lumirastit) is between 30,50 – 32,80 euros.

In the classes H/D12 and H/D14 fee is 14 euros/day in all competitions and in other classes 20 euros/day.

The entry fee must be paid by using the Finnish Orienteering Federations IRMA service at same time as entry. Entry by letter or by email should be paid to the department’s account: KEV/Suunnistusjaosto: IBAN FI67 519407 2010 8591, BIC: OKOFIHH, reference: RF2120161.


Route guidance

Route guidance is in the road crossing of main road 5 (E63) and Rukajärventie. It is situated about 16 km north of Kuusamo citycenter. Route guidance is in place 18th of March 2016 at 09.00am.

Competition center

Competition center is situated at area of Ruka´s Golf. Adress is Rukajärventie 48, 93830 Rukatunturi. Parking is close to the competition center. The parking fee (5 €/day or 10 €/3 days) must be paid in the info in competition center.

There are cafeteria in the competition center. Waxing takes place outdoors (limited electrical outlets).
Competition center has toilets and limited warm dressing for men and women. Washing facilities are situated at the Ruka International Ski Stadium. Distance is about 6 kilometres. Adress is Hiihtostadionintie 3, 93830 Rukatunturi.

Map and terrain

Ski-o map 3/2016, contour interval is 5 m. In the sprint the scale is 1:5000, in the ultra long distance 1:10 000 or 1:15 000 and in the middle distance 1:10 000. The map is printed map and the size is A4. Terrain is forest terrain with its highest height difference is about 174 m.

Punching system and GPS

EmiTag punching system. GPS tracking is in the classes H/D21.


Friday, 18.3.2016, the first starting at 15:00. Interval start.

Saturday, 19.3.2015, the first starting at 10:00 am. Interval start.

Sunday, 20.3.2016, the first starting at 10:00 am. Interval start. Sunday mass start starting at 12.00 (classes H21, H20, H18, H16, D21, D20, D18 and D16)
All three starts are near the competition center (100-500m).


In FC contest medals and commemorative prize for the top three. Plaques by Finnish Orienteering Federation rules.

After last race in Lapin Lumirastit prize giving by overall results (a special points system).


Ruka and Kuusamo offer a number of different level choices for accommodation. Some of them are presented on the competition pages. More information you find also


Child care

Places should be reserved beforehand. Latest on Thursday, 10th of March 2016. Reservations for Aki Aikio


Possible changes and thermal boundary

Changes due to temperature changes can be seen from the competition pages. Temperature limit is -20°C one hour before the first start. According to the competition jury’s decision, the competition can be moved. Information will be found on the competition pages www.lapinlumirastit/2016. If the competition must be cancelled because of the natural conditions, the organizers can hold a part of the registration fee.


Competition director: Aki Aikio +358 40 7301 475

Course setter:         Timo Ronkainen + 358 400 289 155


Information:          Seppo Linjakumpu +358 400 706 433


Results:                  Petri Pesonen +358 40 5233 142


TD:                        Taisto Kemppainen +358 400 169317


Course controller:  Jarmo Pyhtinen +358 40 7165 636

Competition Pages

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