Update about refunding the entry fees

The Finnish Orienteering Federation cancelled the Lapin Lumirastit 2020 event because of the coronavirus epidemia. Because of this situation, the organising committee has the right to uphold 50% of the entry fees. The arrangements and voluntary work done by the organising sport club, Suunta 2000, for the Lapin Lumirastit 2020, have amounted to a cost of 15 000 euros.

In order to get a refund for a paid entry fee, you must send all the following information to pauliina.salmela@pp.inet.fi by Wednesday 15.4.2020:

–          Name of the competitor

–          Orienteering club of the competitor

–          The competition class of the competitor

–          Competition dates of the competitor

–          Entry fees (all fees combined)

–          Receipt of the payment made OR a payment receipt from IRMA

–          Account number (IBAN) AND for foreign payments, add also:

o    SWIFT/BIC code

o   name, address and country of the receiver

o   name, address and country of the bank

Applications sent after 15.4.2020 will not be processed.
The refunding of the entry fees will begin after 16.4.2020.


Competition cancelled (updated 13.3.2020)

Lapin Lumirastit 2020 and the Finnish Championships Long Distance and Sprint competitions have been cancelled. More information, for example about returning the entry fees, will be announced next week.


Lapin Lumirastit and Finnish Championships Long Distance and Sprint – Kemi 20-22.3.2020

Updated 17.2.2020.


Guidelines and rules
At the competition, competitors must abide by IOF’s rules (WRE classes), Finnish Orienteering Federation’s rules, special rules for ski orienteering Finnish Championships 2020 and the organizer’s advice.


Competition dates, distances and classes
Friday 20.3.2020 Finnish Championships – Sprint
– H/D21 (WRE)
– H/D15, H/D17, H/D20, H/D35–H/D85
– H/D11, H/D13, H/D21C

Saturday 21.3.2020 Finnish Championships – Long distance
– H/D21 (WRE)
– H/D15, H/D17, H/D20, H/D35–H/D85
Long distance
– H/D11, H/D13, H/D21C

Sunday 22.3.2020 Middle distance
– H/D11, H/D13, H/D15, H/D17, H/D20, H/D21, H/D35–H/D85, H/D21C


Latest on Thursday 12.3.2020, at 24:00 by using the Finnish Orienteering Federation IRMA service https://irma.suunnistusliitto.fi/.

For Lapin Lumirastit late registration is received with 1,5-times the normal entry fee. Late entries will be accepted until Monday 16.3.2020 at 24:00 by using Finnish Orienteering Federation IRMA service. Late registration or delayed entries aren’t accepted for the Finnish Championships competition.

When you register for the competition, you must remember to mention your EmiTag-card number. If you do not mention the EmiTag-card number, we will rent you a card, for 10 €/day or 20€/3days. If you forget to return the rented EmiTag after the competition, you will be charged 100€.


Entry fee

Friday 20.3.2020
– Finnish Championships – Sprint: H/D21 (WRE) classes 33€, other classes 30€
– Sprint H/D21C: 25€

Saturday 21.3.2020
– Finnish Championships – Long distance: H/D21 (WRE) classes 35,80€, other classes 32,80€
– Long distance H/D21C: 25€

Sunday 22.3.2020
– Middle distance: 25€

H/D11 and H/D13
– 15€/day in all competitions

There will be guideposts located along the route from the Kemi Kivikko exit number 38 (route E8) to the competition center.

Competition center and parking
Competition center is located in the Kivikko school, Kiveliönkatu 31, 94600 Kemi. Parking is located near the competition center (max.500m). Toilets, showers and dressing rooms are located in the competition center.

Ski orienteering map, printed 3/2020. In the sprint competition the scale is 1: 5000, in the long distance competition depending of the class either 1:10 000 or 1:15 000 and in the middle distance 1:10 000. Map size is A4.

The terrain consists of a recreational area, which is split by cross-country tracks. The height differences are quite small.

Embargoed area
Embargoed area is shown here: https://lapinlumirastit.fi/2020/harjoituskieltoalue-2/  The embargoed area is active till 23.3.2020.

Friday the 20th, the first start at 15:00
Saturday the 21st, the first start at 10:00
Sunday the 22nd, the first start at 10:00

Punching system and GPS
EmiTag punching system is used in all the competitions, GPS tracking in the H/D21 classes.

In all the classes, the overall results are counted by points achieved in all the races. The winner of a class scores 1000 points and all others get points in relation to the winning time.

On Saturday, Finnish Championships medals and commemorative prizes are given to the top three. Plaques are given according to the rules of the Finnish Orienteering Federation.

After the last race on Sunday, Lapin Lumirastit prizes are given by overall results.

Hotelli Scandic Kemi
Reservations directly from the hotel: http://www.scandichotels.fi/?bookingcode=BHII190320

You can purchase cafeteria products from the competition center.

Possible changes and thermal boundary
Temperature limit is -20°C one hour before the first start. According to the competition jury decision, the first start can be delayed or the race cancelled. Information of possible delay or cancellation will be found on the competition site https://lapinlumirastit.fi/2020/. If the race is cancelled due to natural conditions, the officials can detain a part of the participation fees in according to the competition rules.

Competition director Tuomas Pussila, p. +358 50-4611 236
Course setter Velu Sipola, p. +358 400 396 345
Controller, TA, IOF EA Staffan Tunis, p. +358 50 563 5945
Course controller, Eero Haapasalmi (OH), p. +358 400 733 278
Result service Risto Kivinen, p. +358 44 058 3583, risto.kivinen@resultfellows.com


Suunta 2000 ry will organise the Ski Orienteering World Championships in 2022!