Routes are ready!

Both the route preparation in Keminmaa and Tornio are almost finalized and only minor changes are to be done. The sprint competition in Kallinkangas, Keminmaa, offers fulltime orienteering thinking. This means that fast tracks and a dense route network is a good start for the 3-day orienteering event. The competition terrain has a total height difference of 45 meters, so even in the sprint there is also much physical challenge. Continued →


Download Puuluoto competition map

Download Kallinkangas competition map


Sprint on Friday 29.3 Kallinkangas starting at 15 o’clock
Finnish Championships ultra-long distance on Saturday 30.3 Puuluoto at 10 o’clock
Middle distance on Sunday 31.3 Puuluoto at 10 o’clock (Note! Summertime)

Competition Organization:

FOF’s technical advisor:

Unto Kanerva

Course supervisors:

Ilkka Kotala OH, Kallinkangas
Jorma Pietiläinen LänRa, Puuluoto


Kimmo Määttä OH, president
Ulla Silventoinen SalRe, member
Juha Similä SK Vuoksi, member

Competition leaders:

Susanna Sandberg, Keminmaa, p. Continued →


Lapin Lumirastit and Finnish Champs in ultra long at Keminmaa and Tornio, 29.-31.3.2013 Directives and rules

At the competition competitors must abided by SSL’s rules, special directives for ski orienteering

FC 20123 and organizer’s advices.

Competition dates and distances

Friday, 29.3.2013 sprint, Kallinkangas Crosscountry ski stadium in Keminmaa

Saturday, 30.3.2013 ultra long distance (Finnish champs, FC), Puuluoto ski stadium in Tornio

Sunday, 31.3.2013 middle distance, Puuluoto ski stadium in Tornio


In all races are classes H12-85, D12-80 and H/D21C. Continued →